TATA Wallplus putty is white cement based product having more strength and durability. It is best suitable for interior and exterior application. It fills the fine pores of surface and gives white smooth finishes which reduces the consumption of paint and enhance the life of paint as well as the surface.

Surface Preparation:

Scrap the previously painted surface to remove loose or flaking material and paint, dust, grease, dirt or powdery material by thorough brushing. Any previous growth of algae, fungus or moss, chalking etc. needs to be removed using wire brush and clean with water. Treat the infected surface with a mild solution of household bleaching powder (recommended proportion 2kg to 50 It water), leave it for 24 hours and then wash the surface with clean water. Surface should be clean, dry and free from efflorescence. Bigger cracks should be filled using cement & sand mixture in the ratio of2:3.

Putty Preparation:

Slowly mix the TATA Wallplus putty with 30 to 35 % clean water for 10 to 15 Minutes with the hand or mechanical stirrer to get the uniform paste.

Putty Application:

On the wet wall surface apply one coat of putty paste with the help of Putty blade from downward to upward by spreading it uniformly. This ensure less wastage and give smooth finish. Apply second coat after 3-4 hours of drying. Make the surface smooth with sand paper after complete drying. Ensure the total thickness of coat should not be more than 1.50 mm. Always prepare the putty as per the requirement so that it can be used within 2-3 hrs after mixing with the water.


Coverage depends very much on the quality of substrate. On smooth non absorbent surfaces it is approx. 2-2.5 sqm/ kg /mm.

Pack Size:

40 Kg, 20 Kg & 5 Kg. Also available in 30 Kg Project pack