TPL’s iron oxide pigments have been well established in the paint and coatings industry. Pigments being key ingredients in Coatings formulations,provide aesthetics and functionality benefits. Being very important the decorative aspect pigments offer, they are more than just color. They can increase the overall performance of the protecting color coating by enhancing its durability and increasing the protection of the substrate. Our inorganic pigments are generally safe in processing and final-use and environmentally-friendly too.


Inorganic Pigments have been present in the chemical composition of Coatings for centuries e.g. Iron Oxides in their original natural form. Inorganic pigments are highly appreciated in Coatings because of their :

  • High opacity
  • Easy-dispersion
  • Good rheological behaviour
  • Excellent light and weather fastness
  • Excellent organic solvent resistance
  • Good heat fastness (when required)