Industrial Paints

The business model of "Industrial & Decorative Coating Services" - IDCS division of TPL has been designed to cater the need of industry for providing total painting solutions, which help to protect civil and structural asset from rust, fume and industrial gases. IDCS offers a complete basket of painting services through its specialized workforce with expertise and experience.

The division is equipped with the most modern machinery and has kept abreast with the latest international technology & developments. Having edge of own state-of-the art paint manufacturing facility at Jamshedpur, TPL is able to satisfy its customer through its tailor-made coating solution suiting the customers' requirements. These ensure that customers should get the right surface management solution at the right time.

Our Protective Coatings services includes :-

  • Shop Primers 
  • Chlorinated  Primers
  • Epoxy Primers 
  • Zinc Phosphate/ Zinc Rich Primers
  • Silicate Coating
  • Alkyd 
  • Enamels Epoxy Coatings 
  • Polyurethane Chlorinated Rubber Paints
  • Q.D. Enamel Stoving
  • Enamel Anticorossive Paints
  • Aluminum Paints 
  • Bituminous Paints Lacquers

Heat Resistant Paints of Various Temperatures

Today our IDCS division partners with large nos. of clienteles like, TSL- Jsr, TSL-KPO, TRF, ISWP, TSL-Growth Shop, Tata Projects, SAIL-Bokaro & Artson Engg. etc to help them to optimize the surface protection management.

Keeping the interest of the customers in proper focus, the services we offer are further supported by our prompt services, timely execution of contracts with an in-built guarantee of quality, reliability and satisfaction.