Dry Cement Paint

Dry Cement Paint from Tata Pigment is available in two brands - Cemplus & Ecocem. Both are for exterior and interior use and can be applied directly on new masonry surfaces. It is available in different attractive shades with bright finish. It also have good waterproofing and antialgal properties with best colour retention comparing to any local brands.

Surface Preparation

The masonry surface must be cleaned by removing the loose dust, dirt, paint particles, flakes of previously painted film, grease etc. with the help of a wire brush. In case of organic growths like fungus, it should be thoroughly removed using mild solution of household bleaching powder (recommended proportion 2kg to 50 It water), leaving it for 24 hours and then washing the surface with clean water. For external application to common bricks, it should be ensured that these bricks are dry at the time of application and the design of structure affords maximum protection from moisture penetration.

Fill the bigger cracks using cement & sand mixture in the ratio of 2:3. Extra care should be taken for surfaces like sunshades, parapets and other horizontal surfaces where water accumulate during rains.

Paint Preparation

Take one volume of water and two volumes of cement paint in a clean container. Mix it thoroughly and make a uniform paste. Then, add one more volume of water to get brushable consistency. Always mix cement paint to water (and not water to cement paint) while making the wet paint. No more water to be added during mixing or during painting.

Once the cement paint bag is opened for use, after taking out the required quantity, the polythene liner bag inside must be closed tightly and immediately, so as to prevent contact with atmospheric air. If the bag is kept open, the quality of cement paint will start deteriorating significantly.

Cement paint should be used within one hours after mixing with water. While painting, the contents should be kept under constant stirring. Never apply cement paint in direct sunlight, foggy condition and during rains.